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International Dream Merchants (IDM), the film making division of International Institute of Project Management (IIPM), is engaged in the entertainment industry by involving itself in Digital Film Making/Ad Films/Commercials/TeleFilms/TV Serials/TV Game Shows/Short films/Documentaries/Educational Films and also runs an ONLINE FILM SCHOOL for Certified Film Making (CFM) for benefit of the movie/film buffs around the world at an economical cost  mostly in line with Hollywood Film industry and provides associated services like Consulting/Movie Project Management in order to equip the independent film makers and movie enthusiasts to make a movie "on time within budget" in the fields of Entertainment industry, Advertising, Marketing and Event Management.

The Entertainment Division executes projects like Commercial Movies, Documentary Films, TV Serials, Tele films, Digital  and other TV Programs.

The Advertising & Marketing Division caters to the needs of the companies who want to advertise and market their products to the naive users.

   IDM's 4th Production New Digital Thriller / Horror Feature Film
                New faces / Co-Producers / Overseas Market-
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IDM's 3rd Production
 "Thalayanai Manthiram"
Digital Feature Film
Stills      Press Release         Trailer

"Thalayanai Manthiram" Preview Show - 10th June 2011- Photos

 IDM's Digital Feature Film -"PARVAIGAL PALAVITHAM"
Only on DVDs Available in stores Want to buy? Click here

IDM's Feature Film -  "The Perfect Knot"
Only on DVDs Available in stores Want to buy? Click here

IDM's Audio Release -  "Saathuryam"
Audio Release Function - Radha Park Inn - 22 Dec '06? Click here

Parvigal Palavitham     Perfect Knot      Saathuryam         

IDM's "The Perfect Knot" Press Release - 14th July

IDM's "The Perfect Knot" Premiere

"The Perfect Knot" Trailer Release and Press Meet - 2 Oct '07

IDM's "The Perfect Knot" Press Review Release

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International Dream Merchants (IDM)
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